Being a Project Manager – a Different Book on Project Management

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About the Authors

Hamutal Weisz is an experienced project manager who has managed multi-million dollar IT and product development projects for different organizations around the world. She has a BA in Social Sciences and is a senior lecturer and consultant in project management and process modeling, an information systems analyst, and a senior SAP consultant. An entrepreneur through and through, she is the owner of and partner in a number of international companies and initiatives spanning a wide range of activities.

Daniel Zitter is an experienced project manager, a licensed industrial management engineer and holder of the Project Management Practitioner Certification of the Project Management Institute (PMI), the most widely recognized international association of project managers. He is a senior lecturer and consultant in the field and a specialist in standardizing project management processes, forming teams to manage projects and project portfolios, and implementing support tools that provide organizations with the capacity to manage projects effectively while meeting the organization’s goals and objectives.

Tools for Project Managers

Each topic in this book is accompanied by practical tools which can be implemented into your own project.

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Being a Multi-Professional (Occasional Project Management)

The course is based on the book “Being a Project Manager – A Different Kind of Project Management Book”, and it focuses on the core elements of the profession: Planning, Controlling and Communication, and outlines the way and explains at eye level, how to be project managers in practice. If you are an occasional project manager, or a future professional project manager, this course is designed for you.

The Project Compass - Efficient planning. Simple navigation. Target within reach!

All of us, without exception, occasionally find ourselves managing small and medium and even large projects. This course is designed for all of you that are required to manage different projects – in your professional lives in addition to your work, or in your personal lives and it will guide you – step by step, until the approval of the project and beyond so that you’ll start your project on the right foot.

Don't Burn Your Toast - Manage Your Project's Risks!

In this course, you will learn what true risks are, how to identify them, how to evaluate them, how to develop responses to handle them, and how to monitor and communicate them. We will cover the full risk management process and offer you a practical tool to manage your project’s risk management plan. This tool is a must-have tool for any project manager and for anyone required to manage risks in any area of life, business or work.