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  • Being a Project Manager book is really easy to follow, using simple words that anyone can understand. However, what I enjoyed the most were the illustrations and chart. The graphics follow the same creative metaphor (baking) throughout the book and it illustrates all the techniques and methods presented. It makes it even easier to grasp and does not bore the reader. Hands down, my favorite part!

    Pick it up if you want to manage a project or just need some guidance in your home projects.

    Andreea Popia
  • Being a Project Manager book had great examples and very clever advice for managing large and small projects alike. I learned some and re-learned techniques from management classes too long ago to want to remember. I loved their graphics with ingredients we can all relate to. Using the book itself and the way it was planned as one of the examples was very relatable.

    Maria Catalina Egan
  • Being a Project Manager is a short yet powerful book. It is quite useful not only for aspiring project managers but professionals also. In fact, in this book project managers find a lot of useful tips to enhance their path. As a matter of fact, project management methodologies and practices are critical for project managers to understand and adhere to. The book is useful to guide project managers handling project of any size. Since the focus of this book lies on the foundations of project management that are planning, control, and communication, it is able to empower project managers handling any kind of projects. In fact, the book does not talk about any particular methodology or practice.

    jaideep khanduja
  • Being a Multi-Professional (Occasional Project Management) is comprehensive, yet easy to follow, course about day-to-day project management, and more.

    Tom N.
  • The Project Compass is an excellent course, I found it highly relevant since I manage projects in my personal as well as in my professional life. the instructor is very clear and the knowledge presented in highly accessible. One of the best E-courses I have taken so far.

    Gilad S.
  • This course is very well organized and well presented. The content is less detailed than a PM course but the focus is from an ‘occasional project manager’ point of view reinforcing key concepts and elements which would greatly help a sponsor or business client in understanding what to expect from a project manager and the challenges involved in managing their project.

    James Setla

A smart educational board game for learning project management essentials and improving project management techniques and skills. The PMZONE Board Game

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