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The PMZONE Board Game Training License Add another tool to your arsenal!

In our competitive world, we as consultants are expected to be innovators and offer our customers unique and up to date techniques, to cater their needs.

To help you with this task, we would like to invite you to join us and use a new innovative way of teaching and practicing project management techniques and skills – one that will help you increase your business and transform your customers into fans!

It is long known that games promote people’s motivation for learning and that simulation games are a highly effective training technique, that enables the learners to take the role of active players in scenarios similar to those in the real world and motivates them to proactively learn by experience.
In the last few decades there is a growing trend in business and social organizations to manage by projects and as a result, there is a growing interest in project management education and training.

The modern project management organizations deal with high level of uncertainty and complexity and the traditional education of project management is not enough anymore.

Projects are heterogeneous by nature and require an understanding of a wide range of topics as well as interpersonal and soft skills.

The actual complexities involved in managing initiatives and making decisions on an array of interrelated issues, under uncertain conditions, call for a simulation tool that will enable prospective – and present project managers, to experience the practice of managing projects while sitting around a table.

Professional project managers need to constantly learn and be experts, but not only them. Most professionals – in any field, manage projects on a regular basis – in addition to their duties. These people are called “Occasional Project Managers” and although most of the projects they manage are small projects, they are adding to their workload and might be very challenging on their own.

The PMZONE Simulation Board Game is designed to address all these challenges and more!

The PMZONE educational board game offers players an opportunity to face common dilemmas from a project manager’s world and develop new perspectives that help improve the way they will deal with similar dilemmas in the real world.

The game simulates real life scenarios, is a multi-layer game that suits different levels of players, can be customized for specific projects and use cases, encompass all the key elements in project management and enables interaction and communication between the players.

In a digital world, this unique board game enables interaction and communication between the players while they learn all the key elements in project management such as: Planned and Unplanned Tasks; Constraints and Risks; Resources and Budget; Milestones and Gates; Deliverables and Earned Value; Team Work and Competition; Planning Ahead and making decisions under Uncertainty; And much more.

Learning Goals:

  • Practice the Language and Jargon;
  • Plan a way to Achieve a Set Goal;
  • Select a Course of Action under Uncertainty;
  • Work within Budget and Resource Constraints;
  • Manage Risks;
  • Control Project Execution;
  • Communicate Project Information;
  • Evaluate and Conduct After Action Review;
  • Analyze Project’s Real-Life Scenarios.

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